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The Sims 3 Game Update for 1.67

Written by Snow on . Posted in Patch

ts3 patchIt's now available a new game update for The Sims 3 that brings the game to version 1.67
This update fix several problem and fix a problem with server messaging..

If you have problem to update your game via Launcher, here you can find the official links to incremental manual update.

Alarm ico.gifATTENTION!!!
Before update the game, please be sure to remove all your custom content from /Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Mods !!!

 Super Patch (All Region)  Download (1.6 GB)
Incremental Manual Update  - (from 1.66 to 1.67)
Region 1 (USA) Download
Region 2 (Europe) Download
Region 3 (Asia) Download
Region 7 (Digital Download) Download

Base Game
Updated server messaging

Into the Future
Fixed the Laser Rhythm-a-con VFX when on a houseboat
Corrected a mannequin outfit issue when cloning the clothing pedestal
Fixed an issue with Plumbot Trait Chips not appearing in the Adjust Trait Chip menu
Future Sim reactions to SimBots are now more appropriate
Ghosts no longer appear in the Time Almanac
Fixed an issue that prevented completion of The Silicon Slinger opportunity
Descendants names will now update correctly after changing name at City Hall
Fixed an issue that could cause a teen to be trapped in a child's body when travelling to the future at the exact moment of a birthday
Fixed some consistency issues associated with Legacy Statue achievements
Fixed an issue with the Bot Career not progressing correctly
Fixed an issue with the Quantum Power Suits not working after reloading a saved game
Fixed an issue that could cause the Time Traveler to catch on fire and not be able to be put out

Mac Updates
Fixed several graphical errors on the game screen that could occur when changing the resolution

The Sims 3 Store content updates
Fixed issues that occurred with having the Tree of Prosperity installed with Into the Future
Fixed issue with Baby Walker and Playpen that could cause toddler problems
Author: Snow
Sia che siamo in un videogioco o nella vita di tutti giorni nulla è perfetto e qualche bug di sistema si trova sempre ;)

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