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The Sims 3 Into the Future: screenshots from GamesCom!

Written by Paperpin on . Posted in The Sims 3 Into the Future

Again from Cologne, during the night the boss sent me these screenshots from The Sims 3 Into the Future regarding gameplay and CAS. As for this, I created a short video so I'm not floodit the page with pictures ;)

Comment and tell if you like the new items!

ts3 ep11 01 ts3 ep11 02  
ts3 ep11 03 ts3 ep11 06  
ts3 ep11 09 ts3 ep11 10  
ts3 ep11 11 ts3 ep11 13  
ts3 ep11 14 ts3 ep11 15  
ts3 ep11 16 ts3 ep11 18  
ts3 ep11 18 ts3 ep11 19  
ts3 ep11 20 ts3 ep11 21
ts3 ep11 25 ts3 ep11 30  
ts3 ep11 32 ts3 ep11 95  
ts3 ep11 96 ts3 ep11 97  
ts3 ep11 98 ts3 ep11 99  
Author: Paperpin
Editor & Co-Founder
L'errore di Matrix che ha dato vita a tutto questo!

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