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The Sims 3 console - presented by Sam Player

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The first game we were shown when we entered the first floor room at SpazioTheca was The Sims 3 console, starring producer Sam Player (whom you may have heard of from other Sims game, such as The Sims 2 Pets).

Although each of the four consoles the game will available for starting from October 26th was there, Player showed us only the version for Xbox360 (which is basically the same of Playstation3) and briefly the one for Nintendo DS.

The game for DS was given to the audience, but being busy listening the presentation for Xbox, we took a very quick look and got only a picture (too bad the Sim shown fainted...!).


The Xbox version, however, has nothing to envy to the computer version and was realized with the same gameplay. There is the CAS, the Buy/Build modes, Create a Style and the online sharing. But let's go step by step.

Sam Player introduced the game by explaining how this version is similar to the one for PC/Mac, despite The Sims 2 for Playstation, which was quite different from the “traditional” version. This is almost a perfect twin that will allow players who do not own a powerful computer (for example) to play the third chapter of our favorite game. The game has almost the same structure, the same objects, wishes and abilities of the computer version, as well as an excellent graphics.


Map and user interface


Instead of the mouse cursor, the game controller is represented by a rounded and “plumbob green” cursor, that you can move everywhere. The map of the town is a bit different than the usual: as you can see, it is a drawing and not tridimensional, and is also divided into areas, each of which contains lots. To go from one lot to the other (whether it's residential or community) there are no loading screens, but if you decide to wander around (searching for collectibles, for example), you'll get a little loading. The Wii version (that unfortunately we couldn't see) doesn't have loading times at all.

The user interface is slightly different than the computer version, and has the speed and time indicators on the left, while on the right there is the family tree with avatars and the tabs of needs, opportunities, career, etc.

The menu for the Buy/Build modes or the city map is quite different than the one we're used to: by pushing the RB key, you will get a sliding window with the Live menu, the Map, the Buy/Build modes, the Terrain tool, the Karma Powers and the Challenge Shop.


Challenges and Karma Powers are the two features that make the console version unique, and aren't available on PC/Mac. The challenge system is similar to the opportunities' and allows Sims to unlock exclusive items and features. Wishes are in the game too, and when fulfilled, give Sims Karma points that unlock more features.

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