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The Sims 4 Perfect Patio is the second Stuff pack available for The Sims 4 and is, like every Stuff Pack, focused to add new themed objects and clothes, fancy outdoor items in this case.

The pack weighs about 93 MB and, once installed, you'll receive a message at the main menu that serves as a little mirror for the new content.



What's new in CAS

There are a handful of new clothes for both sexes and some new hairstyles (a bit more for girls than boys).

The new outfits are cute, all summer/garden party-themed, but unfortunately almost all of them are restricted to grown up Sims ... I would have appreciated a little more content for younger Sims too (they only get a new hairstyle!).

ts4 sp2 MaleClothingts4 sp2 FemaleClothing

What's new in Buy & Build mode

TS4 495 SP02 01A total of 32 new items can be found in the buy & build mode. Compared to the pack released a little while ago, I found this new stuff pack much nicer, especially because it finally reintroduced the hot tub!

Unlike past games, this new jacuzzi is completely customizable, it can be improved by mounting a stereo on it or you can make it so that it produces aromatherapy fragrances of every kind that'll cause beneficial effects on our Sims.

The tub can now accommodate up to 8 Sim (for the first time, children can join adults inside!) and grown up Sims can choose to either bath in swimsuit or skinny dip! Of course you can WooHoo in the tub and teen Sims even have a romantic interaction made for them!


ts4 sp2 30.06.15 12 30ts4 sp2 30.06.15 12 31ts4 sp2 30.06.15 12 32

Other decorative items (and a premade room) have been added as well, perfect to decorate your exteriors, just like the new bar, but the hot tub is really the centerpiece of this new stuff pack.

Last but not least, a new "Outdoor" radio station has been included in this new pack.

ts4 sp2 30.06.15 12 26ts4 sp2 30.06.15 12 27ts4 sp2 30.06.15 12 28ts4 sp2 30.06.15 12 29


All in all (and for its slim price), The Sims 4 Perfect Patio is a good pack, with overall better content than the last Stuff pack but offering few really new additions. Much appreciated the return of the hot tub, but just like my previous Stuff pack review, there could have been a little bit more content.

A must buy for every outdoor/garden party fan and those who patiently waited for the return of the beloved hot tub!



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