The Sims 4 Parties Luxury pack: review

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The Sims 4 Luxury Party is the first stuff pack available for The Sims 4 and its focus is, like every previous Stuff Pack, to add new themed objects and clothes, in this case the luxury parties.

The pack weighs about 110 MB and, once installed, you will receive a pop up message at the main menu that quickly previews your new installed content.


What's new in CAS

As for CAS content, there is a handful variety of new outfits for both genders, including clothes, accessories, make-up and some new hairstyles.

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What's new in Buy and Build mode

A total of 12 new party-themed objects can be found in the buy & build mode. The items are cute but they are few and objectively do not offer a great variety... while it is perfect to create a great party-home environment they do not really offer anything that has not already seen before. It would have been more appreciated to have a wider selection, especially if we compare the previously released packs that offered many more items and were really tempting to purchase. Too bad this pack does not come as close to that of its previous standard.

In addition to the new objects, you can find two pre-made rooms (available in various colors) that are perfect to have an idea of ​​the new objects or to add a party-ready room to your favorite home.


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Overall, The Sims 4 Parties Luxury pack is okay but far from the quality standard we are used to with the previous releases. Although the price is lower than the latter, the contents included are very few and we really expected a bit more. Even a comparison with the TS3 stuff packs shows a huge gap in terms of content.

In conclusion, if you really feel a shortage of party-themed items for your Sims this will definitely be a pack that you wouldn't want to miss. As for everyone else ... we do not think that you would really miss those 12 items and few new outfits anyway.


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