The Sims 4: how to edit relationship

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ts4 alberghiniIn The Sims 4 is hardest manage the relationship between sims then previous chapter of The Sims saga... so here there is a little help, in order to cheat and force relations!

We need developer's cheats in order to edit relations between sims. First of all open the cheat window by pressing:


then activate the cheat:

testingcheats true

after these steps, you can insert some cheat to edit your sims relations:

modifyrelationship <yoursimFirst> <yoursimLast> <targetsimFirst> <targetsimLast> <(-)amount> <track> - this edit relation level between sim, you need to replace:

<yoursimFirst> active sim name.
<yoursimLast> active sim lastname.
<targetsimFirst> target sim name.
<targetsimLast> target sim lastname.
<(-)amount> a number (positive or negative) between 1-100.
<track> choose between Friendship_Main / Romance_Main

for example:

modifyrelationship Daniela Alberghini Maurizio Alberghini 80 Romance_main

relationships.create_friends_for_sim - this cheat spawn a friend in your sim lot (at 50% friendship level)

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