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PC Gamer Previews The Sims 4

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Sooo, one more and I'm done for today!
Did you know PC Gamers previewed The Sims 4? Now you do. And do you know who made the not-so-amusing job of transcribing the article from the magazine to the web? None but Honeywell :)

Go. Check her site. Now! Oh, you don't feel like reading everything? Here there are the most interesting parts:
  • You can't adjust the height of the characters.
  • You can lock certain parts of a Sim's body and randomize the rest.
  • Weight and muscles are the only sliders you'll have to tinker with - this will affect the dimensions of the character and the textures.
  • The search feature allows you to filter the catalog by style and color and it's available for clothes, furniture, wallpapers and floors.
  • You can create an entire family starting from a Sim, directly in CAS. You can create a Sim's parents, brothers, sisters or children.
  • You can save local copies of your creations, if you don't want (or can't) play with an active internet connection.
  • The stability of the game they tried was very critical. Several crashes and odd loading screen.
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SimGoodie Interviews SimGuruMarion

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SimGoodie interviewed SimGuruMarion about several aspects of the game. Unfortunately, we don't seem to be able to access the site, so here's the transcribed version taken from Honeywell :)

SimGoodie: Will babies have more animations depending on emotions?
Marion: Our babies are either happy or they cry, much like babies in real life :). However, the Sims in the baby's environment are affected emotionally by the baby's mood, and will react accordingly. We also have some fun interactions with the baby – I am excited that mothers can breastfeed as well as use a bottle, and there is a really funny 'Make Face' interaction that I like a lot.

More Details About The Sims 4

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Quick and fresh details about the game shared by the Gurus on Twitter and published by Honeywell:
  • You'll be able to use custom content. There will be a Mods folder.
  • You can delete all the existing Sims in the neighborhood.
  • Clothing work just like The Sims 3. There are no shops, you can get them in CAS.
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