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Be Proud in The Sims 4!

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ts4 screenshot gaypride'Morning Simmers,
like many of you already know, yesterday in many parts of the world people celebrated the Gay Pride. And in order to celebrate a huge part of the Sims audience, EA Games released this render, to be proud of all the colors of love!
But that's not all! I'm a follower of SimGoodie on Instagram and thanks to him I discovered that The Sims 4 was part of the celebration in Oslo, Norway!

.. and yes, the little one on the left is a baby (click to enlarge)!!
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Neighborhoods, Weird Moments and More!

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ts4 pancakesHey guys, like we posted this morning on Facebook and Twitter, there's a new blog post on the official site (written by SimGuruRyan) where many details about The Sims 4 are revealed.. and not all of them are cool. When the game launches in September, in fact, there will be no pools to build or swim in and, most important to me, no toddlers!

Let's read together Ryan Vaughn's words.
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