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Arrr! GotGame interviews Aaron Cohen on The Sims Medieval Pirates & Nobles

Written by Paperpin on . Posted in Pirates & Nobles

GotGame.com gives us another amusing video, but this time Blake Morse interviews Aaron Cohen, producer for The Sims Medieval Pirates & Nobles. After the video, you can find a short list of the new information provided.


  • Pirates and nobles come to the kingdom from faraway lands and with different aims, but they don't like each other at all. Suddenly, love blooms between a female pirate and a male noble, and they disappear. No one knows what happened to this couple, and the two sides embark on a long war. This is the main theme of the EP.
  • Despite the base game, that doesn't have a main plot and develops around minor stories based on quests, The Sims Medieval Pirates & Nobles is all focused on the story of these two lovers, which is divided into three parts (beginning, intermediate and final parts).
  • Beyond that, there is the new treasure hunting system, the interrogation chair, parrots, falcons and all the stuff that you can usually find in an expansion pack!
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