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Pirates & Nobles Q&A by GamePron

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GamePron has published an interview to Aaron Cohen, producer on The Sims Medieval Pirates & Nobles. Let's read it together while taking a look at the new pictures you can find in our gallery.tsm_ep1_cover_sm

GamePron: Can you briefly sum up the most exciting new things that are in The Sims Medieval: Pirates and Nobles adventure pack?

Aaron Cohen: The big things in The Sims Medieval: Pirates and Nobles are pirates and nobles! These two groups show up in your kingdom and are clearly having issues. Your job is to work through the epic story of two warring factions where you’ll be tasked with picking a side. You can escalate the conflict or even seek to resolve things peacefully. 

We’ve also added some great new features. You’ll be able to own, name and train pet parrots or falcons. You’ll also get an interrogation chair with an amusing array of techniques with which to glean information for unfortunate Sims. And with our new treasure-hunting system, you’ll have a fun way to discover and collect rare and powerful objects.

The Sims Medieval Pirates & Nobles Gamescom Preview

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As we all know, GamesCom is taking place in Cologne, Germany, and yesterday, EA showed The Sims Medieval Pirates & Nobles. Some information have been published during the last 24 hours, and probably even more will be released until Sunday. We have decided to create this articles in order to sum up the most interesting details and will keep updating if and when necessary.

Our sources are: SimFans, SimTimes, SimGoodie, SimCookie, SimwayDE, SimsNieuws, SVTimes, SimPrograms, InfiniteSims, SimsVIp

Update 1: added link to the SimsNetwork preview
Update 2: added some info and pics from Simway

The Sims Medieval Pirates and Nobles: Game Guys preview

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tsm_ep1_19GameGuys  met some producers in their visit to EA Sims Division studios. After the Hidden Springs walktrought, today we can watch a video interview to The Sims Medieval Nobles & Pirates producers. You can watch the video here.

In their preview they told some just known facts, so we quote just something:
  • The expansion's three different endings depend on what quests are ultimately undertaken and the outcome of those quests.
  • As you play these quests, it sort of affects your standing and the relationships with the pirates and nobles.  So, you might get more pirates hanging out in your town or more nobles hanging out in your town.
  • The most noteworthy of which are a collection of avians (parrots for pirates and falcons for nobles) and interrogation/torture chairs.  The birds can be used for socializing, tormenting other sims, and finding treasures.
We also updated the Pirates and Nobles gallery with some new pictures.

Credits to Simprograms and SimsVip for these finds.
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