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We decided to gather our sites on this portal in order to get a smoother browsing and a better navigation, so that our story will go on just in one place - especially with The Sims 4.
The site is still quite empty, but we are confident to be able to move everything here soon.

Kingdom's interactive map by SwwTSR!

Written by Paperpin on . Posted in Guides

As reported by SimPrograms, SwwTSR has created an awesome interactive map of the kingdom, with tags for each building, town area (square, Judgement zone, etc) and collectible item: fishes, leeches, herbs and minerals!
It's a huge, fantastic work, that we definitely recommend you. It can be a great help for quests. You can find it here!

Custom patterns in The Sims Medieval

Written by CriCri on . Posted in Guides

patternYeah, we can! If you would like to import in The Sims Medieval your old The Sims 3 pattern (or your favourite ones) you can do it! By the way you need to be careful because not all pattern's categories are the same in these two games... so you need to follow just few steps and you can go on... read more to know all!
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The Sims Medieval: all CAS contents

Written by CriCri on . Posted in Guides

cas_nav_btn_cloth_norm_r2_84cas_nav_btn_hair_norm_r2_31Are you curious to know how much items are included in CAS? Would you like to show all clothes, hair and all other CAS items in The Sims Medieval?
Here there are! Read more and you can give a look at all clothes, hair and beards!

Note: at this moment contes are globally stored, they aren't classified for heroes type. We are working on a lot of things so we will make our best to insert a description note about "who can wear" each outfit.
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