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The Sims Medieval: Problems With Reflections and Security Level 7

Written by Paperpin on . Posted in Base Game

The Sims Medieval team has started a thread on the official forum about some crashing issue of the game. They also provided a temporanery solution to avoid them. The original thread is HERE, thanks to SimsNieuws for report us. Here the full text posted by the team:

Hello all,

There are two issues that appear to be causing crashes for some users. After reviewing the system information it appears the majority of the systems affected are using integrated video cards. The two issues are below:

1) If the Enable Reflections is on a crash will occur when viewing a room with a mirror. To turn off reflections:
-Click the ... icon in the lower left of the screen then click Options...
-Uncheck the Enable Reflections option.

2) When the kingdom's security level reaches 7 the security walls are placed in the kingdom.
-To avoid this issue do not place a building that will cause the security level to exceed 6.

For those experiencing crashes not related to these two issues please respond to the post in this link: http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/0/5503631.page#13010578

We apologize for any incovenience this has caused and are doing everything we can to resolve the issue.

The Sims Medieval Team

We have to wait for a new patch!
Author: Paperpin
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