How to Redeem Your Free Holiday Celebration Pack* for The Sims 4

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CareersBlog 2Redeem your free Holiday Celebration Pack with these easy steps:

1. The Holiday Celebration Pack can be unlocked by logging into Origin and launching The Sims 4.

2. Banners within the main menu and Gallery of The Sims 4 will appear with the option to redeem the “Holiday Celebration Pack.”

3. Click on the respective banner to surface an in-game pop up that will place the Holiday Celebration Pack in your shopping cart.

4. No payment information will be required to check out.

5. You will then be directed to an order confirmation page. Click the “Close” button.

6. After closing, you will receive a notification that your content is preparing for download.

7. Click the “Ok” button.

8. Once the download is complete, a notification will inform you that the Holiday Celebration Pack has been successfully installed.

9. You will need to restart The Sims 4 in order to see content from the Holiday Celebration Pack in your game.

10. Alternatively, you can also redeem the Holiday Celebration Pack via Simply follow the instructions to download and install the pack into your game.



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Top 10 Things You Need to Know About the New Careers Update

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We’ve been so excited to see all the creativity from our players following the free Ghosts and Pools Updates. We look forward to seeing what you do with the four new career paths that we’ve added in today’s Update. We snuck a few surprises in too! Here are the top ten things you need to know:

1. Two New Business Career Paths: Your Sims can now work their way up the corporate ladder to become an Angel Investor or a Business Tycoon.  

CareersBlog 1

2. Two New Athletic Career Paths: Your Sims can now make a living working up a sweat as a Hall of Famer or Mr. or Ms. Solar System.

3. New Outfits: Each career will have career-specific outfitsthat will update as your Sims advance through the levels of their new career track, including a gold tracksuit!

4. New Objects and Interaction Rewards:  Sims will be rewarded with special objects and unlock interactions unique to the career of their choice as they level up. Will your Sim give fake investment tips or offer to “pump up” a fellow Sim?

5. New Career Reward Rooms: As your Sim moves through their career, they will unlock career reward rooms found in Build Mode to help you create the ultimate in Athletic or Business home décor.

The Sims 4 Gallery is now on the Web!

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TS4 gallery FBpost IT

Expanding your game with new creations just got easier with the release of The Sims™ 4 Gallery on! The Gallery can now be accessed using any internet browser and features all of the Community created households, lots, and rooms from The Sims 4. The best part: when you are signed in with your Origin™ Account you can save your favorite creations to download automatically into The Sims 4 the next time you play.

To get the most out of the Gallery on, we encourage you to login using your Origin ID. Once logged in, you can browse the entire Gallery using search options like keywords or hashtags, as well as like and comment on your favorites. Every creation in the Gallery can be shared with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks using the unique link. You don’t even need to own The Sims 4 to view the Gallery, but it is required for some features. If you are not signed in with your Origin Account, you will only be able to view Maxis curated content.

Visit the Gallery on and start exploring! It’s now easier than ever to discover new content and add new experiences to your game.

Happy Simming!

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The Sims 4 Patch Notes: Patch (25/11/14)

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ts4 patchHey Simmers,

Just a small update for the end of November! Hopefully you have kept healthy this past month. It feels as though a minor plague has swept through the Studio, knocking folks down one after another. But that aside, we have fixed some crashes, addressed some community concerns, and sorted out a few other fixes that just happened to sneak their way into this release.

As always, the community has been doing an excellent job of keeping us on our toes. A new batch of fixes is on its way out with this release, including the un-breaking of the Add to Family cheat, a Sim pruning issue, and some water opacity issues. Thank you for your feedback, keep it up!