On My Way Home...

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Hey guys,
I'm in the airport waiting for my flight.. I'm wasted but superhappy, it has been an awesome experience that I will tell about as soon as I get over that!

Here's a picture of us taken yesterday!

gamescom 35

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More About CAS and Emotions

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Goodmorning Simmers!

Cristina is superbusy in Cologne, so she left me an email of things to tell you about The Sims 4, CAS and emotions, with a few screenshots as well!

As for CAS, the one they saw was a version created specifically for SimsCamp, a very light version with no accessories.
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SimsCamp, day 2

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gamescom 29Hey guys,

finally I'm here, after a crazy day at GamesCom's SimsCamp. Today was our second day and as you know, we have seen a Sims 4 CAS demo, that we used ourselves with producer Jill Johnson, explored the emotion system with Grant Rodiek and then play The Sims 3 Into the Future with King.

These days are literally flowing away, with tons of information to share with you and lots of emotions! I've been sleeping a little and spending time with the other guys or working on the site, during the day we're very busy. But don't worry, I've been taking many notes, so stay tuned!

It's an incredible experience, I met many people coming from all over the world and tonight's dinner on the boat on the Rhine river was super cool! Producers stayed with us all the time, we talked a lot!

Now it's time to say goodnight, talk to you tomorrow with new info and don't forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook!!
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