The Sims 3: New Purchase History Feature

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ts3 logoOn there is a new shiny feature! After maintenance yesterday you can now select and download multiple files at the same time!
The only thing you have to do is to select the files you want or you can also select all the files and then click on "Download"!

ts3  store purchasehistory

I think that this is a very new useful feature, in particular if you re-install the game and you have to download all your content.

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Red Cross Set for SimCity

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simcity redcrossHQ italy
This is an extraordinary moment for SimCity. For the first time, the Red Cross and ten National Societies* from around the world have collaborated with a videogame. Now, players of SimCity will be able to provide assistance to real people impacted by real-world natural disasters just like they do for their Sims in-game by purchasing and downloading Red Cross branded digital content.

Collaborating with the Red Cross is a small way for EA to help others through our creative work. The content we created alongside the Red Cross not only gives aid to the Sims within our players' cities, it also enables players to help real people who have suffered from disasters in the real world. After recouping our development costs, the remaining proceeds** will go to the Red Cross to help support their work across the globe.

This Red Cross set will be available for one year starting on September 17, 2013. Throughout this year-long campaign, EA will give at least eighty percent of the player's payment (less applicable taxes) for the Red Cross downloadable content, with a minimum of $100,000, to support humanitarian services of the participating Red Cross National Societies.

You can buy the Red Cross set at $9,99 from Origin StoreClick
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First look at The Sims 3 Midnight Hollow

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The official page of The Sims on Facebook revealed a few minutes ago the release date of The Sims 3 Midnight Hollow, the new world for The Sims 3 available from 26 September on The Sims 3 Store 

EA Insider also shared the official trailer on YouTube!
On The Sims 3 Store is also available the Midnight Hollow Info Page.

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